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Cornwall has a long and successful history of mining, quarrying and mineral processing. Since the 1700s this part of the UK has been the focus of geological studies and engineering advancements in metalliferous mining. Cornwall has also produced China Clay, for worldwide export, for over 200 years.

In 1888 the world-renowned Camborne School of Mines (now part of the University of Exeter) was established, followed by the Cornish Chamber of Mines & Minerals in 1917, with both organisations enhancing and supporting the development of Cornish mining expertise.

What Can We Offer The Industry?

For centuries this expertise and pioneering spirit of expatriate Cornish miners and Camborne School of Mines graduates has been pivotal to the development of the mining industry across six continents.

Today the region is home to a unique concentration of innovative businesses, organisations and experienced professionals providing services to all aspects of mining and related industries in the UK and around the world. The Cornwall Mining Alliance connects these experts and provides the right people for the job.  The Cornwall Mining Alliance – local knowledge, global expertise.

Our Partner Organisations

"The Cornish Chamber of Mines & Minerals is delighted to be part of the team that has worked with our partners to deliver this site.

Our "raison d'être" is to further the interests and business opportunities of our members - and this site is part of the process of showcasing Cornwall's global expertise."

Bernard Ballard

Chairman & Secretary, Cornish Chamber of Mines & Minerals

University Of Exeter and Camborne School of Mines

"Many members of the Cornwall Mining Alliance are connected with the Camborne School of Mines in some way, including graduates, employers and collaborators in research and teaching. The impressive network of companies here in Cornwall shows that the heritage of mining expertise continues. The difference now is that we all work in the global mining environment"

Prof Frances Wall

Professor in Applied Mineralogy, Camborne School of Mines - University of Exeter

"MEI’s highly acclaimed conferences bring together leading academics, researchers and industrialists from around the world. With many CMA members at the forefront of mineral processing technology, MEI is proud to be a mutual Industry Associate with the CMA for our major annual conference in Falmouth”

Dr. Barry Wills

Senior Partner at MEI, MEI Online

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Many of the images used on this website have been supplied by friends, associates or members of the Cornwall Mining Alliance. We'd like to acknowledge them here: Tanya Barefoot - Cornwall Consultants, Calum Beeson - Camborne School Of Mines, Matthew Eyre - Camborne School of Mines, Kathy Hicks - Carrak Consulting, Paul Richards - PR4Photos, Gavin Rollinson - Camborne School of Mines  Dr. Andrew Turner - University of Plymouth, Prof. Frances Wall - Camborne School of Mines