AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Ltd


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Toby Frostwick

Toby Frostwick


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Company Profile

The AFX group has extensive experience in mineral processing and can offer any mixing solution within mining, ranging from laboratory scale to full sized plant. We have extensive experience in Leaching, Iron Removal, Flocculation, Cyanide Detoxification, Pressure Oxidation, Solvent Extraction, Gas Dispersion and many more.

AFX also has a range of peristaltic hose pumps specifically designed for slurries, sludge, dosing and acids; including one of the world’s largest providing flows up to 150m3/hr and whole life operational costs at a fraction of competitive products.

What sets AFX apart from the competition is our high-level of expertise in mixing and pumping processes and mechanical design that can provide innovative solutions from fresh angles. AFX provides exceptional product guarantees and back-up service with representation around the globe.

AFX’s systematic approach from their highly-experienced engineers can determine if improvements can be made on a plant. Our Studies range from basic audits and plant surveys, to complete troubleshooting programs.

Optimising plant operations can considerably increase profits. Any improvement in product recovery or quality, with minimum capital outlay, results in additional revenue that directly increases profit.

AFX products were designed and manufactured for harsh African conditions, thus we guarantee robust products that will improve productivity and reduce plant maintenance.

Our equipment has been successfully installed in mines across the world including South Africa, Canada, Finland, The Philippines, Ghana, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Russia, Chile, Australia, Tanzania, Zambia, Uzbekistan, the UK and many more.