Agilexe Ltd

Hayne Cottage
EX15 2LF
United Kingdom


Registration Number: 11638904

Primary Contact

David Crowe

David Crowe

Director of Consultancy Services

Tel: +44 7912 064513

Secondary Contact

Richard Ingram

Richard Ingram

Managing Director


Company Profile

Agilexe provides specialist training and learning management services to mining and renewable energy clients that enhances their performance, capabilities and productivity through efficient and effective training pipelines.

Our services include:

  • Advising clients on the most suitable training governance and management structures appropriate to the unique challenges that the extraction and energy businesses and organisations operate in.
  • Undertaking the assurance and assessment of an organisations training provision, to identify the strengths and weaknesses throughout, including training management, personnel and equipment.
  • Using formal Training Needs Analysis methods to assure that all individual employees and teams have the correct skills and competencies required to undertake all aspects their employment.
  • Managing and undertaking incident investigation services, allowing businesses to recover from unwanted events, no matter how large or small, to determine all the causes and put measures in place to prevent re-occurrence.