Wheal Jane Consultancy

Wheal Jane Earth Science Park
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1872560200
Email: consultancy@wheal-jane.co.uk
Web: http://wheal-jane-consultancy.co.uk

Primary Contact

Bryony Halliday

Bryony Halliday
BSc (Hons), FGS

Consultancy Manager

Tel: 01872 562026 / 07977 059026
Email: bhalliday@wheal-jane.co.uk

Company Profile

Wheal Jane Consultancy provide mine searches (for both residential and commercial properties), mundic assessments, geoenvironmental site investigations and much more.

For 25 years Wheal Jane Consultancy has provided risk management and due diligence expertise to all sectors of the land and property industry. Our roots in Cornish mining have enhanced our ability to provide informed, proportionate solutions to the variety of problems that Cornwall’s historical industrial activities present to land and property. We are confident that we offer the most effective solutions to aid our clients and their customers with the management of risks associated with land and property.

We have assisted in the identification, assessment and management of environmental ground related risk for a wide range of clients, including civil engineers, chartered surveyors, solicitors, developers, architects, local authorities, mortgage lenders, major construction companies, and private individuals.

We work closely with our sister companies, within the Wheal Jane Group, to provide comprehensive support and practical, cost effective solutions to clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects. We are a ‘one stop shop’ covering identification and investigation through to all forms of remediation where required.