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Tony Bennett

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Company Profile

The EGS Energy team specialises in the development of non-conventional deep geothermal energy and has extensive experience working on various types of geothermal resource, which when combined with the skillsets and capabilities of the other members of the EGS Global Group the wider team is able to provide a comprehensive set of consultancy services that is able to take a project from definition, feasibility study, design, planning, drilling, completion, testing, construction and commissioning through to operational reality.

EGS Energy is a development and consultancy company with unique access to engineered geothermal system technology and know-how.

EGS Energy is focused on extracting the energy located deep in the granite rocks that are found in many areas throughout Europe, delivering it in the form of electricity and the heat itself.

EGS Energy brings together the leading European experts in the field of engineered geothermal systems, with over 70 years’ experience between them, having provided geothermal development services to projects in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Projects where the team are currently involved include:

  • Soultz-sous-Forêts, France
  • Landau, Germany
  • Insheim, Germany

This includes design work for the drilling, power plant and infrastructure, with contractors providing input for the facilities, civil works, engineering, procurement, construction and project management.

A crucial aspect of deep geothermal development is to be able to engineer the underground reservoir and to deliver on the agreed sub-surface strategy. EGS Energy and its partners have experience over many years of achieving this on numerous projects. From the 1980s onwards, the team can show a record of significant involvement with successful unconventional geothermal projects – as developers, consultants and academics – with a focus on drilling in hard rock to depths of 5,000m. Specifically on the drilling side, examples of where EGS Energy and its partners would add value to a project – either through doing it ourselves or through managing specialist contractors – include:

  • Well design
  • Well siting and pad preparation
  • Bid preparation and tender evaluation
  • Supervision of drilling contracts
  • Well and mud logging
  • Drilling engineering
  • Stimulation and reservoir creation techniques

The EGS Energy team has a focus of working on engineered geothermal system projects, both lower enthalpy for district heating schemes and higher enthalpy for generation of electricity through the use of binary plants. There are many other projects worldwide where the wider team have made contributions on a consultancy or academic basis.

With experience in establishing unconventional geothermal plants in a number of different countries, EGS Energy and its partners are ideally placed to advise on the type of system required to maximise the economic potential of a specific geothermal resource. Working as closely as we do with the small number of manufacturers of binary plant suitable for geothermal projects, EGS Energy is able to provide advice to a client on the approach to be taken to sourcing this key element of the surface strategy in the development.

Through its accumulated experience, EGS Energy and its partners are confident of providing advice on the on-going operations of a project, after its commissioning and when it is delivering on its promise as a source of sustainable, clean heat and power. Under a normal maintenance regime and with a sensible approach to managing the reservoir, an unconventional, engineered geothermal system is designed to work with minimum overhead for an extended period into the long term.

EGS Energy and its partners are able to provide advice in relation to geothermal district heating. Through its relationships in the EGS Global Group, EGS Energy offers comprehensive design and consulting services relating to district heating schemes, including:

  • systems analysis
  • flow calculations and measurements
  • water catchments
  • supply mains
  • distribution systems and pumping stations.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in developing the exciting, new renewable technology of deep geothermal.