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Deep Digital Cornwall Machine Learning Workshops

Deep Digital Cornwall machine learning workshop
Deep Digital Cornwall invite you to join a 6 week series of workshops on Machine Learning

Topics will include:

  • Laura Carter Greaves - with a short introduction to Machine learning and it’s techniques
  • Dr Chris Yeomans & Jordan Lindsay - on the applications of Machine Learning within Mineral Exploration
  • Dr Jane Gallwey - on Surveying using Remote Sensing Methodologies
  • Professor Hylke Glass & Dr Klaas Peter Van Der Weilen - on Minerals Processing Techniques & Technologies
  • Dr Saptarshi Das - on Geophysical Inversion Techniques
  • Dr Simon Wilcock - on machine lhine Learnearning and its uses within Ecology

Sessions will be held on Zoom every Tuesday morning, from 9 till 10.

Registration is for all sessions, however attendance at all 6 is not mandatory. Details of the coming weeks session will be circulated the week prior.