Grinding Solutions Ltd

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Nick Wilshaw

Nick Wilshaw

Managing Director

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Felicity Wilshaw

Felicity Wilshaw


Company Profile

Grinding Solutions provides a diverse range of metallurgical and mineral processing consultancy and laboratory services. The company has developed expert internationally recognised knowledge and expertise in the minerals and mineral processing industries with over 30 years of experience working with a worldwide client base. The laboratory is equipped with a suite of internationally accepted metallurgical and mineral processing testing equipment which can be applied to projects of any scale. Together with professional relationships with numerous international mining and mineral processing equipment and service suppliers, Grinding Solutions offers up to date, accurate and reliable mineral processing consultancy and laboratory services.

Global mining faces several major challenges from decreasing mineral grades to increasing mine depths, open pit sizes and greater extraction difficulties. We provide solutions at all stages of process development, from initial feasibility trials to current operations. We specialise in fine and ultrafine grinding for a wide range of applications including metalliferous and industrial minerals for paper, paint and pigment applications, and provide a range of grinding media services, including wear and grind performance testing.

We combine our expertise in grinding with downstream processing to provide comprehensive process evaluation and optimisation. Our specialities are industrial minerals process development, mineral separation by density and froth flotation.  Grinding Solutions has extensive experience with metalliferous minerals as well as most industrial minerals including kaolins, speciality clays, calcium carbonates and barite. We aim to increase mineral recoveries and reduce overall process costs through targeting the optimal grind size, process design and operation.