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United Kingdom

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Email: dpirrie@helfordgeoscience.co.uk
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Primary Contact

Dr Duncan Pirrie

Dr Duncan Pirrie
Principal Consultant Geologist

Tel: +44 (0)1326 221407 / +44 (0)7557 537364
Email: dpirrie@helfordgeoscience.co.uk

Company Profile

About Helford Geoscience

Helford Geoscience LLP are specialist consultants in applied mineralogy. We provide a range of tailor made services to address the needs of our clients. With a background in geological research, we can bring that expertise to the fore when designing the best analytical solution for our clients specific needs. In particular we have many years experience in the use of automated mineralogy, based on QEMSCAN® technology, and have worked alongside FEI Ltd in the development of novel applications for QEMSCAN®.

What can Helford Geoscience provide?

Helford Geoscience can provide a wide range of geological and mineralogical services. This includes both traditional Earth Science analytical tools such as transmitted light microscopy, cathodo-luminescence, manual scanning electron microscopy including LV FEG-SEM imaging and analysis, X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Microprobe analysis. We can arrange the preparation of uncovered polished sections or covered thin sections for analysis as required. On a project-by-project basis we recommend the best analytical solution for the clients needs. In addition, we are leaders in the provision of automated mineralogy solutions.

Why automated mineralogy ?

Over the last 10 years Helford Geoscience have used automated mineralogy in the analysis of ore deposits, mineral processing products, conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs, hydrocarbon source rocks, metallurgical products and wastes, man-made particulates, man-made ceramics, chemical products, soils, sediments, atmospheric dusts and volcanic ashes.

We have the widest experience in terms of sample preparation methodologies, the design of optimal sample measurement parameters and the resultant data processing to ensure that Helford Geoscience provide the highest quality mineralogical service tailored to the specific project requirements. If the problem can be solved with transmitted light microscopy then that is what we do, but if you need to know the detailed mineral associations in a sub 10 micron mineral processing product then automated mineralogy is the way forward.

Our published research on automated mineralogy includes some of the most widely cited works in the field and we continue to look at how the available technologies can be adapted to work in novel application areas.