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John Grimes Partnership Ltd
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Rod Smith

Rod Smith

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Company Profile

John Grimes Partnership (JGP) was established in 1987 and came to prominence in the 1990s for the treatment of extensive ground problems associated with abandoned mine workings in Gunnislake, Cornwall. Since then, we have been involved in numerous prestigious and multifaceted engineering projects and contaminated land assessments. We have a strong team of highly skilled people that enables us to offer a wide range of abilities and integrated, high-quality consultancy services in the geotechnics, civil and structural engineering, hydrogeology and geo-environmental sectors.

JGP has extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of both ground instability and contaminated land related to the disused mine workings in Southwest England. We have successfully engineered numerous solutions for unstable ground, making sites safe against failures such as subsidence, crown-hole formation and/or total collapse. We have also designed and implemented drainage relief schemes to mitigate against flooding and instability associated with flooded mine workings.

JGP can also provide a range of engineering and geo-environmental services related to the redevelopment of disused mine and quarry sites. These include phased contaminated land assessments (usually required for planning):
• Phase I Desk Study Report: a preliminary land condition survey that identifies potential sources of contamination that could affect the site;
• Phase II Ground Investigation Report: conducted when a contamination risk is perceived;
• Phase III Remediation Strategy: produced where an unacceptable risk is found; and
• Phase IV Verification / Validation Report: to validate that risks have been removed.

On significantly contaminated sites, JGP has considerable experience in conducting site-specific Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (DQRAs), which can remove or substantially reduce the need for expensive remedial strategies.

JGP are also part of the South West Contaminated Land Forum, which is developing the new Arsenic Protocol (guidance on arsenic risk assessment) to be adopted by Local Authorities and developers.

JGP also provides Geotechnical appraisals and assessments for quarries; as well as a wide variety of structural and civil engineering services for the industrial sector.