Minviro Ltd

DDM 5021, CSM
Penryn Campus
University of Exeter
Penryn, Cornwall
TR10 9FE
United Kingdom

Web: http://www.minviro.com

Registration Number: 11654153

Primary Contact

Robert Pell

Robert Pell


Tel: +44 (0)7426 677179
Email: robert@minviro.com

Company Profile

Minviro Ltd. is an environmental consultancy and software development company for the mining and minerals processing sector.

Minviro works with mining companies in different stages of development to minimise the environmental impact of different project or process choices. Using state-of-the-art life cycle assessment approaches to quantify environmental impacts and integrating it with mine planning, mineral processing simulations and mineral processing operations, Minviro provides clear performance indicators that are recognised according to international standards.