South West Georesources Partnership

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South West Georesources Partnership

c/o Sustainable Earth Institute
1 Kirkby Place
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth, Devon
United Kingdom

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Ian Selby

Ian Selby

Director of Sustainable Geoscience


Company Profile

The aim of the Partnership is to enable the strategic and sustainable development of the georesources of South West England. The Partnership is an independent hub, which will co-create a powerful public vision and strategy.

The Partnership will deliver guidance for all stakeholders, based upon an informed, aligned, balanced and shared position, which builds on and compliments the ongoing work by existing groups: all embracing the region’s abundant natural georesources – its minerals, metals, construction materials, geothermal energy and soils. As a regional, cross-boundary group, this local initiative will provide a cohesive voice which will set an example of good practice and aim to lead the national agenda for georesource stewardship.

As interest in the georesources of South West England grows, and in recognition of the significance of the potential economic, social and environmental opportunities and impacts, the Partnership provides an innovative, collaborative and transparent framework to consider resources, risks and rewards. The Partnership will create a positive climate that enables its members and stakeholders to be successful in achieving their individual aims – be that funding bids, policies, project development, or improving communication between stakeholders and developers. The Partnership will review policies, practices, conditions, undertake analysis and projects, generate advice, provide information and make recommendations in a co-ordinating role – ensuring that the views and work of all stakeholders are fully represented.

The Partnership is composed of a wide range of local and national stakeholders with interests in georesource development, including local government, LEPs, industry, regulators, NGOs and academics. The initial focus of the Partnership will be the creation of a vision and strategy enabling the continued sustainable management of georesources.

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