Swathe Services

Unit 7 Hayle Marine Renewables Business Park
North Quay
TR27 4DD

Tel: 01872275642
Web: http://www.swathe-services.com

Registration Number: 5097200

Primary Contact

Mr James Williams

Mr James Williams

Tel: 07980282018
Email: james.williams@swathe-services.com

Company Profile

Swathe Services offers expertise in mapping underwater landscapes such as tailings ponds, flooded quarries and other such similar bodies of water.

Our trade is Hydrographic Surveying and we use cutting edge technology to gather data in hard to access areas using sonars from unmanned boats. Our solution keeps costs low and reduces the risk to human life. No pond is too small and no lake is too big.

Our main core activities cover hydrographic charting around the coast but with the development of small unmanned boat technology and compact low power sonar systems we now offer support for all applications where the depths need to be measured.