Westcountry Mines and Property Surveys

Grove Farm East Hill
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1872 562837
Email: info@westcountrymines.co.uk
Web: https://www.westcountrymines.co.uk/

Primary Contact

Nic Pettett

Nic Pettett

Head of Investigations

Tel: +44 (0)7825 739712
Email: info@westcountrymines.co.uk

Company Profile

Westcountry Mines and Property Surveys offer a full range of services, relating to historic metalliferous mining activity in the Southwest of England. Beginning with a review of the available documentary information, providing an initial assessment of the risks presented to an existing or proposed development or to aid in purchasing or selling domestic properties. Our searches and surveys are accepted by Mortgage providers and other lenders.

Based on the initial assessment, subsequent inspections and investigations can be designed suited to the individual requirements of the client. All of our surveys are carried out by a RICS accredited surveyor. Should deleterious features be identified we are able to subsequently either design a specific scheme of remedial works in house or in conjunction with specialist contractor or Structural engineer.

In addition we offer a full range of services relating to the legal aspects of mineral rights ownership, for mineral prospecting or other purposes.