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Eden Geothermal Limited

Eden Geothermal Ltd
The Eden Project
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United Kingdom

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Claire Judd

Claire Judd

Office and Events Manager

Tel: +44 (0)1726 806545
Email: cjudd@edengeothermal.com

Company Profile

Eden Geothermal Ltd (EGL) is a lead company in the development of deep geothermal in Cornwall. It was established in 2016, with the principal aim of developing a deep geothermal energy system at the Eden Project. The first phase of the Eden programme is an industrial research project, majority-funded by the EU through the ERDF.

The company is working with its partners EGS Energy Ltd, Eden Project Ltd and BESTEC UK Ltd, and in conjunction with University of Exeter, to deliver a cogeneration plant that will meet the heat and power demands of the Eden Project and export surplus power.  This development is based on the concept of engineered geothermal system technology, involving drilling deep deviated wells into crystalline fractured rock, producing hot water as energy source from one well and reinjecting cooled water underground through the other well.

This scheme utilises the team’s expertise gained from the development of similar geothermal systems in France and Germany, and builds on the early experience gained at the Hot Dry Rocks Project in Cornwall during the 1980s. This includes design work for the drilling, power plant and infrastructure, with contractors providing input for the facilities, civil works, engineering, procurement, construction and project management.

EGL, with its partners, is able to provide advice in relation to all aspects of geothermal development, from:

  • site selection
  • procurement of supplies and services
  • site construction
  • drilling and well testing through to
  • designing and commissioning the heat and power plant.