Jeremy Wrathall, Founder & CEO of Cornish Lithium, said: "The announcement of the Tata gigafactory in Somerset represents a significant stride in fortifying the UK's electric vehicle manufacturing supply chain as the UK develops this vital industry to support its automotive sector.

“Through our own lithium development projects, we aim to work with the UK automotive supply chain to supply a significant portion of the lithium carbonate or hydroxide required for electric car batteries, diminishing the need for imports, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with battery manufacturing.

“This new gigafactory signifies a strategic investment, creating job opportunities, and fostering innovation. We welcome the fact that the Government is clearly stepping up efforts to support the electric vehicle and battery supply chain in the UK and are delighted that the new gigafactory will be located in the South West, in close proximity to our Trelavour Lithium project which is scheduled to start production during 2026.

“The journey towards net zero is not only about reducing emissions, but also about building resilient supply chains, and this gigafactory is a remarkable step towards laying the groundwork to achieve that vision in the UK."